Instructor Potentials (IP) are selected during a Provider course (BLS, ALS, ILS, EPALS, EPILS, NLS, ETC): candidates who show exceptional ability and aptitude during a provider course or recertification course may be considered for Instructor training.

Candidates are eligible for consideration for Instructor training only after being nominated and seconded by Instructors at the final faculty meeting. The whole faculty should then discuss each nominated candidate’s performance using the IP selection form and guidance.

Recommendations for IP should ideally be unanimous, but if one faculty member is opposed, the CD may make the final decision.

Those recommended as having IP will be informed by the Course System (CoSy) together with the information how to register for an Instructor course.

IPs are eligible to undertake the relevant Instructor Course within five years, as long as they continue to hold a valid provider certificate.

After successful completion of the relevant instructor course (BLS-I or GIC) the Instructor Candidate has to teach successfully onder supervision of a Full Instructor in order to gain Full Instructor qualifications.