A Seat is a used position in a course session. 

The Seat covers the following services:

  • PDF manual
  • One printed version of the manual at printing (and shipping) costs
  • Online learning environment¬†
  • Certificate
The Seat is paid for by the Course Organiser, normally in advance. The price for a Seat is different per country and per course type.

To check your Seat balance and order Seats:
  • Log in to CoSy
  • In your Course Organising section, click "Course Seats" to see your overview of available Seats:

  • On this page you can order additional Seats by clicking the "Buy more" button.
  • In order to transfer Seats to another Course Organiser, check this support item.

If you buy 100 seats or more of the same type in the same order, and you don't have any dues to the ERC anymore, you will receive 2% extra seats in your order. So if you order 100 seats, you will receive 102. If you order 450 seats of the same type you will receive 459 seats in total. Make sure to order enough seats in advance of your sessions. This discount does not apply if your account has been blocked due to unpaid past sessions.

SEATS need to be sufficient at the moment of the course session, e.g. if you have a BLS course session for 20 participants in Belgium on 01/01/19, you need to have 20 seats for BLS Belgium in your wallet on 01/01/19. 

Other relevant topics:

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