Bookshops receive a discount of 10% on our manuals. This works via a voucher once they confirm they are a bookshop.

If a course organiser has already purchased the seats for a session, they will automatically be able to order the paper version of the manual at the reduced print cost.

Bulk discount for manuals only applies to ETC manuals, this does not apply to any other course types.

ETC Course manuals discounts

- 10% discount by default

- 20% if multiples of 25 are ordered lower than 250

- 30% if multiples of 25 are ordered as of 250

So if a CO orders 255 ETC manuals, they get 30% discount on the first 250 manuals and 10% discount on the final 5 manuals. (the manuals will be split in two in the shopping cart, because the price for the first 250 manuals is not the same as for the next 5 manuals)

Seats: (for Course Organisers)

If you buy more than 100 seats of the same type you will receive 2% extra seats in your order. So if you order 100 seats, you will receive 102. If you order 450 seats of the same type you will receive 459 seats in total. Make sure to order enough seats in advance of your sessions, this discount does not apply if your account has been blocked due to unpaid past sessions.