This Code of Conduct applies to all who instruct, or otherwise assist, on Courses held under the auspices
of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), which have been developed the teach to theory and skills of
It is important, therefore, that those accredited by the ERC:
• FULLY UNDERSTAND that accreditation and continuing accreditation is dependent on observing this
Code as well as completing the necessary requirements for re-certification.
• ENSURE that courses approved by the ERC are run in accordance with its regulations currently in force
using manuals, slides and other materials so as to ensure that consistent standards of knowledge and
skills are achieved.
• BEHAVE, at all times, while participating in courses, or social events related to courses which are run
under the auspices of the ERC, in a responsible manner and observe any other applicable professional
codes of conduct.
• CO-OPERATE with other instructors, educators and administrators (the faculty) and recognise and
respect their individual contributions.
• AVOID any abuse of their position.