1. Log in to CoSy.

2. In your side bar, scroll down to ADMIN and select 'Users'

- Enter the username, e-mail, birthdate or user ID in the searchbox and click SEARCH.

3. Merging - Selecting users

- You might have to use additional filters if there are to many results.

- Select the users you wish to merge and click MERGE.  

4. Merging - Confirmation check

- You can still change your selection if you wish.


5. Merging - Comparing data

- Confirm if the selected accounts are indeed from the same user.  If they aren't restart your search!

- The accounts can be active of inactive.  If the preferred account is inactive, you can activate afterwards it when the merge is complete.

- Only the differences in information will be shown. Tick the boxes with the correct data of the two (or more) accounts you wish to merge.  

- Click the MERGE button to proceed.

6.  A final confirmation request will popup.  Click OK to finish the merge.

7. The next screen will bring you to the account page of the merged user.

- If the selected account was inactive you can now activate it by changing the STATUS and clicking the SAVE button.

- If necessary you can reset the password.

- Now you can also add additional profile information or inform the user that the account is ready to complete.

(Updated: 28/08/2020)