A Seat will be charged in four situations:

  • A participant is still registered as a participant a day after the course
  • A participant has downloaded the pdf manual
  • A participant has accessed online content
  • A participant has ordered a manual at printing costs

Once the status of the participant has been set to 'Paid to CO', they gain access to the online content of the course, the pdf manual and printed version at printing price. If the participant makes use of any of these options, a Seat will be charged even if they don't participate in the course.


I deleted a course or a participant. Why are Seats still being charged?

If the user's status was set to 'Paid to CO' before they or the course was deleted, they gained access to the online content and manuals. If they accessed this content, a Seat will still be charged for them even if they didn't participate in the course or if the course was deleted.

Seats cannot be refunded if the status of the participant was set to 'Paid to CO' and they accessed the online content or ordered a manual before deletion of the course or participant. When you delete a participant, a notification will show up telling you why a Seat is still being charged. If you believe that this message is incorrect and the Seat was charged erroneously, please contact our helpdesk and we will try to resolve the issue.