Course) Seats are used to pay for content and certificates. As a Course Organiser, you can also transfer Seats to another Course Organiser within the same country.

  • Log in into CoSy
  • In your Course Organising section (left menu), click Course Seats (1)
  • At the top right of the screen, click Transfer course Seats (2)
  • Choose the country related to the Seats you want to transfer (Seats are country specific), type of Seats, amount (number of Seats) and look up the name of the beneficiary Course Center. This Course Center needs to have Course Organiser permissions in that same country.
  • Click Transfer (3)
The Seats are now transferred - this will also be visible in your Course Seats transaction history.

The beneficiary of your transfer will receive an automatic email notification of this transaction.

The ERC is not responsible for the agreement between both Course Organisers. A transfer is final, unless written consent by both parties states otherwise.