1. Log in to CoSy

2. In the Course Organising section of the left sidebar, click Add new course (1)

3. On the add new course page, select your course center and course type and click NEXT

4. On the Create course page:

  • All content boxes with an * need to be filled otherwise the new course cannot be created.
  • A. For the HANDS-ON COURSE multiple languages can be selected but only one language can be selected for ONLINE CONTENT.

  • Enter a new venue or select a venue previously used from the dropdown menu.

  • Set the date and time of the course.  You can select multiple dates and times by clicking on the + ADD DATE button.

  • Set the price for participating in the course.  You can create multiple prices and currencies by clicking the + ADD PRICE button.  
  • We recommend to add a price description for the target participant when using multiple prices.

5. Click the SAVE button to create the course.  You will see following message if the course has registered succesfully.