Please note that only the Course Director can do this!

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account on CoSy
  2. Click on My coursesCourses directing on the left side bar and 
  3. Click on the icon "instructor appraisal" on the right side of the course
  4. Click on the file tab Appraisal instructors

On this page you can appraise and upgrade the following:

  • Instructor candidates to Full Instructors (after two satisfactory courses)
  • Full Instructors to Course Director Candidate (after 4 courses as full instructor)
  • Course Director Candidates to Course Director (after two satisfactory courses)
  • You can also appraise instructor candidate on this page
  • After giving scores or upgrading, click the Save and approve button.

NB: upgrades to Course Director are subject to confirmation by the self-sufficient National Resuscitation Council or - in other case - the relevant SEC co-chair.