1. Log in on CoSy

2. On your DASHBOARD select 'Courses organising' from the sidebar.

3. On the COURSES ORGANISING page click on the users icon for the course you wish to add faculty and participants to.

4. On the FACULTY & PARTICIPANTS page use the ADD INSTRUCTOR OR DIRECTOR or ADD PARTICIPANT buttons to start adding users.

5. To add an Instructor or Course Director enter the first characters of the name in the USER box. 

- The system will offer you all possible registered Instructors or Course Directors in its dropdownmenu.  

- Once you found your Instructor or Course Director, please select with which qualification you wish to add him or her.  

6. To add a participant and you know his email address: enter the e-mail and click the CONTINUE button.  If you don't know the email address (only for Basic courses): click the I don't know the e-mail address of the participant link.

- The system will check if the e-mail address is known. 

- Attention: E-mail addresses with letters using diacritic marks (ë, è, à, and others) will be rejected by the system

- If the e-mail address is known, you will see following screen.  Confirm the user or cancel the entry.

- If the e-mail address in unknown, you will be asked to enter additional information. For example

- If you have successfully added the user you will be taken back to the overview.

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PS: if you publish your course online and motivate participants to register online, you don't have to do all this work yourself as a Course Organiser ! You will receive an email notification if someone registers for your course.