1. Log in on CoSy.

2. On your DASHBOARD select 'Courses organising' from the sidebar.

3. On the COURSES ORGANISING page click on the users icon for the course you wish to add faculty and participants to.

4. Click on the button IMPORT PARTICIPANTS

5.  Download the Excel template.  

- Enter your participant information.  Make sure you don't change the template configuration otherwise CoSy will not be able to import the data. 

- Use the BROWSE button to upload your Excel file.

- If you haven't altered the template configuration you can click CONTINUE. 

6. Verify information

- Please confirm if the information in the list of 'Participants that can be imported' is correct. Note: Not all the user information from the Excel template will be show.

- In the field 'Participants that cannot be imported' CoSy will show you the users with conflicted information. For instance: errors in e-mail addresses or birthdates in an incorrect format.  You can easily correct an error by clicking the pensil icon.  

- Cick COMPLETE IMPORT to add your users to your course.

NB: always check the number of uploaded participants with the number of effective participants online.