1. Log in on CoSy

2. Open appraisal screen

- In the Course Organising section of the left sidebar and select 'Course organising'.

- In your list of courses, select the participant appraisal icon at the end of the course.

3. Appraisal 

- NB1: starting the appraisal also charges the Seats required for this course. 

- NB2: the appraisal windows are different per course type. Some of these appraisal windows are responsive: based on the results of different topics, the possible final scores can change.

3.a. An ADVANCED appraisal window:

ALS appraisal - all parts passed.
Can lead to 5 possible final results, including an immediate (ILS) or advanced (ALS) certificate.
Same ALS appraisal screen, but now failed on the part "skills".
No possibility anymore to grant an advanced (ALS) certificate with this result.

3.b. A BASIC appraisal window:

- Tick 'No show' for participants who weren't present during the course. If this participant did not use the online content nor order a printed version of the manual and the course has not finished, you are not charged a Seat for this participant.

- Tick the boxes in the IP part for any passed participants that showed instructor potential.

- Click the SAVE (AND APROVE) button.

- (In case of Advanced Courses): click "Confirm appraisal". 

- The results are now sent to the Course Director for approval.

- As long as the appraisal has not been confirmed by the Course Director, you can still review your participant appraisal.  As long as the appraisal has not been confirmed by the Course Director, you can still change the appraisal by clicking the pencil icons in the participants list.  If you change your appraisal, be sure to confirm this by clicking the SAVE AND APPROVE button.

4.  Download certificates

Once the Course Director approved the results, the certificates are electronically sent to the participants. Those who failed, will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Participants will also be able to download their own certificate again via CoSy.

As a Course Organiser, you will receive a notification via email. 

You can also download pdf versions of the certificates by navigating again to the Appraisal participants page (see steps (1) and (2)) and clicking the Download certificates button.

The certificates will be downloaded to your browser's folder.