1. Log into your account on CoSy
  2. In the Profile section (left menu) you can change your personal data. Your personal data consists of three (3) subitems:
  • Personal information

The items marked (*) are mandatory.

Please be aware that for security reasons, only small changes to your name are accepted (max 5 characters; once every 6 months). For substantial changes, proof of identity needs to be provided. If you are having trouble changing your name, please contact the helpdesk.

The ERC does not share personal information with third parties - only Course Organisers (with your individual permission) and the local National Resuscitation Council will be granted access.

  • Addresses
    Here you can add multiple addresses.
With the "Add new address" (1) function you can add additional addresses.
Addresses where you activate the star icon (2), will be visible for your Course Organiser (for example for shipping paper versions of the manual).You can delete addresses by clicking the address and then (top right) click the Delete button.

  • Languages

We support multiple languages and try to communicate - to the extent available or achievable - in your own language. Therefore, you have three types of language settings:

  • Language: used in CoSy
  • E-learning environment language: not all languages may be supported yet in the e-learning system, so you can make a choice here.
  • Spoken languages: other languages you are capable of using.

Do not forget to click on SAVE after every change!

  1. In the Account section (left menu), you can:
    • Change your email address - this will also change your login name !!
    • Tick if you would like to receive the (free monthly) ERC Newsletter
    • Change your password
    • Activate two-factor authentication for higher security of your personal data - only for specific groups within the ERC (but mandatory in that case) for security and privacy reasons.
    • Delete your account - this is irreversible!