Included in your registration for an ERC course is a personalised pdf version of the manual.

Separately, you can order a printed manual.

Some Course Organisers include this manual in their course fee. In other case, as a participant you can order one copy (in the language of your choice) at printing and shipping costs.

prerequisite is that the Course Organiser confirmed your payment in CoSy.

Please follow the steps below to order your printed copy of the manual:

  1. Log into your account on CoSy
  2. Click on "My courses" on the left side bar
  3. Click on "Courses attending" - this will give you an overview of yoru past and future courses. Look for the row with the relevant course and check the column "Course manual on paper". There are four different situations possible:
    1. Column "Course manual on paper" shows: Order
      • This means the paper manual was NOT included in the course fee. 
      • However you will be entitled to order one manual at printing and shipping costs:
        • Click on the Order link
        • Choose the language of your print
        • Choose the number of manuals you like to receive. Only the first copy will be at printing costs; for extra copies the third party price applies.
        • Complete the further steps to place your order and complete the payment.
        • The manual will be printed and sent to you - this usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.
    2. Column "Course manual on paper" shows: (2)
      • This means you already ordered your discounted printed copy. If you would like to order additional copies or languages, you can do this in the Webshop at third party pricing.
    3. Column "Course manual on paper" shows: (3)
      • This means that the Course Organiser has not confirmed your payment yet. In case, contact the Course Organiser directly because this is the only person who can grant you access to the reduced printing costs.
    4. Column "Course manual on paper" shows: (5)
      • This means the Course Organiser included a printed copy of the manual in the course fee. In order to receive the manual, you have to disclose and confirm your address where the manual can be sent to (by the Course Organiser):
        • Go to your profile page
        • Scroll down to the cell with addresses. You may add an address via "+ add new address"
        • Click on the star icon next to the address you want to receive the paper manual
        • A message is sent to the Course Organiser with your address details, so he can send you the paper manual.
          If you did not receive such manual after some 2 weeks, please directly contact the Course Organiser as this is the only person who can check if the manual has been sent.