Course organisers need to pay to ERC the price of one course SEAT per participant. The Seat covers the following services:

  • PDF manual
  • One printed version of the manual at printing (and shipping) costs
  • Online learning environment 
  • Certificate
The Seat is paid for by the Course Organiser in advance and is mandatory as soon as participant has accessed the online learning materials or pdf and/or ordered a paper manual. Even if that candidate afterwards does not participate in the actual hands-on course. However if he/she does not attend the course itself, his seat will remain valid for another 12 months so does not need to be paid twice if he/she then enrolls in a future course.

The price for a Seat is different per country  (in view of that country's COLA factor) and per course type.

The current seat price at 100% (VAT excluded) is: 

BASIC (for basic courses; incl. BASIC instructor courses): 2,14 euro

INTERMEDIATE (for intermediate courses, incl. NLS and Advanced recertification): 21,40 euro


ADVANCED: 64,20 euro

INSTRUCTOR (Advanced): 26,75 euro

For countries with a lower COLA factor (cost of living adjusted) this price will be lower.

The minimum price of a seat, after the COLA factor calculation is €1,07.

DISCOUNT : 1 free seat for every 50 seats purchased will be added to orders of at least 100 seats. For example, if 200 seats are bought, 4 free seats would be added free of charge. This discount applies if the Course Centre buys seats in advance and currently has no unpaid past courses. 

From this price, 40% goes directly to the national council.