• FIs must teach at least 2 courses per 2 years - appropriate to each of his or her full instructor disciplines- and must be reassessed at least every 6 years. 

FROM 01/11/2020 ONWARDS

  • Instructors must teach at least 2 courses per 3 years - appropriate to each of his or her full instructor disciplines- and must be reassessed at least every 6 years. 
  • Directing a course also counts as instructing a course for recertification purposes.
  • They should also attend at least one Educational instructor day in the 3 year period. See the separate solution sheet on 'educational instructor day'.

To allow for a transition period, no instructor certificates will expire in 2021. 

  • Instructors who fail to meet the recertification requirements by the certificate deadline are downgraded to Instructor Candidate IC. To regain full instructor status will require successful completion of one course as an IC. 
  • IC who no longer meet the requirements have their certificate expired. They can still engage in provider recertification (if within that deadline) but are no longer instructor. They will have to redo the whole trajectory (see [how to become a full instructor].
  • When Instructors reach their validity dates as Instructor, and their email addresses are correctly noted in CoSy, they will be notified by an automatic email (6 months before expiration). 

  • Each instructor will be reassessed by the Course Director (on site) or a peer Instructor, using the ERC approved assessment tools, every six years. If they are registered in the faculty of a provider course between 4 and 6 years after their latest assessment, they are flagged for the CD and will be assessed on the faculty assessment screen. They must attend the entire course. Following a negative assessment, a second assessment under the oversight of a different CD should take place within 1 year. If the second assessment is negative or not completed within the specified time, they will lose their instructor status. The new period of (4 to) 6 years starts from the last day of the previous period of 6 years.
  • An IC status is only valid for two years, after which period a new instructor course (appropriate to the discipline(s) concerned) will have to be undertaken to regain instructor qualification. This period may be extended to three years upon individual application to the ERC Office.



  • Instructors are entitled to full reimbursement of all expenses incurred as a result of attending a course as a member of the faculty after approval by the CO and in line with the ERC travel policy.
  • Instructors are entitled to instruct on ERC courses in other countries, as long as they
    • Adequately speak the language of the course;
    • Are invited by a Course Organiser, recognised in that country;
    • Instruct under supervision of an ERC Course Director.