• Faculty

Course Director (CD), Course Director Candidate (CDC), Instructors (I), Instructor Candidates (IC), Instructor Trainers (IT), Instructor Trainer Candidates (ITC), Educators (Ed) and Educator Candidates (EdC), Educator Trainers (EdT) make up the faculty of ERC courses.

  • Provider (P)

A Provider is an individual who has successfully completed a provider course (BLS, ILS, ALS, EPBLS, EPILS, EPALS, NLS).

  •  Instructor Potential (IP)

An Instructor Potential is an individual who has completed an Advanced Provider or Recertification Course successfully and has shown an aptitude to teach. In addition, he or she must fulfil the criteria necessary (attachment “IP Selection Form”) to qualify as a future instructor and have been recommended for IP status by the Faculty of that course.

  •  Instructor Candidate (IC)

An Instructor Candidate is an individual who has passed an Instructor Course successfully (BLS Instructor Course or Generic Instructor Course).

  •  Full Instructor (FI)

A Instructor is an Instructor Candidate who has successfully completed his I training as described in the “Faculty” section 9 below and has recertified if required [10.5-10.8]. Instructors teach on a Provider Course.

  • Instructor Trainer Candidate (ITC)

An Instructor from a relevant course type who is invited to teach on an Instructor Course, is called an Instructor Trainer Candidate until upgraded to Instructor Trainer (IT).

  •  Instructor Trainer (IT)

Instructor Trainers teach on an Instructor Course after successfully having completed their Instructor Trainer Candidate training and after having recertified if required [10.5-10.8].

  • Course Director Candidate (CDC)

A Course Director Candidate is an experienced instructor for that course type who is invited to shadow the Course Director. The Course Director Candidate is not an assistant, but a Course Director-in-training. A CDC does NOT count as instructor for the purpose and consequently will not teach at that course.

  • Course Director (CD) / Lead Instructor (BLS)

A Course Director is a senior instructor who takes overall responsibility for the course and ensures that the course is run according to ERC guidelines and rules. Course Directors exist at the level of Provider Courses (Provider Course Director) and Instructor Courses (Instructor Course Director). He or she sets out the programme and appoints the instructors. The Course Director also approves the results of the course candidates and assesses the instructors and CDCs.

For basic life courses, a Lead instructor takes up the same responsibilities. Contrary to a Course Director, this Lead Instructor is an assigned role, not a separate certification.

  • National Course Director (NCD)

A National Course Director is an experienced CD, endorsed by the relevant National Resuscitation Council (NRC), who represents the Course Directors of a type of course of a certain country. An NCD must meet all points in the following profile:

  • Must be ERC Associate member
  • Must already be an established course director for this type of course
  • Must have good communication skills (including E-mail)
  • Must have a working knowledge of English
  • Must be full member of his NRC and have credibility in own country (if applicable)
  • Must be prepared and able to attend international meetings of ERC NCDs (ERC is planning one Course Director Day (CDD) meeting every year)
  • Leadership skills to lead development of the course in their country
  • Involved in developing and spreading ERC courses in own country
  • Familiarity with ERC systems - (Course System (CoSy) etc.)

If there is no NRC in a certain country, the SEC co-chair education can appoint the NCDs directly.

  • Educator Candidate (EC)

An Educator Candidate is an individual who has passed an Educator Master Class successfully.

  • Educator (Ed)

An Educator is a person with an educational and clinical background who has undertaken the Educator training. The
presence of an Educator is mandatory for the Generic Instructor Course.

  •  Educator Trainer (EdT)

Faculty on an Educator Master Class are called Educator Trainers.

  • Course Center (CC)

A Course Center is the entity (organisation or individual) who administers the organisational, managerial, financial and logistical aspects of an ERC course.

  • Large Course Center (LCC)

A Large Course Center is a Course Center that would like to train a group of at least 100 members of a certain community over a longer period of time (e.g. all nursing staff, all medical students of a university, …)

  • Course Organiser (CO)

The Course Organiser is a natural person who is granted CO permissions by the CC in order to perform the CC tasks for one or more course types on behalf of these CC. One CC can have several CO and one CO may serve more than one CC.