• Self-Sufficiency

A National Resuscitation Council is considered as self-sufficient for a certain type of course if:

  • It has the resources, expertise, and experience to run courses, and has demonstrated an ability and commitment to maintain the quality of training agreed with the ERC in accordance with the document Self-Sufficiency. (Attached to this document)
  • There is a formal written agreement of partnership between the ERC and the NRC in which the responsibility for the national supervision and quality control rests with the National Resuscitation Council.

Nevertheless, all ERC courses are organised under supervision of the respective SEC.

  • Science and Education Committees (SEC)

The SEC are appointed according to the ERC Internal Rules (Bylaws).

The SEC are responsible for the further development and quality control of their type of course, and oversee these courses, in partnership with the National Resuscitation Council, if one exists.

  • Development Committee Education (DC-Edu)

The DC-Edu is made up of the co-chairs with education focus of each SEC plus additional members, appointed according to the Internal Rules.