•   The number of participants per course should not exceed 36, split into groups each of a maximum of 6 participants.

If there are more than 36 participants, they should be divided into separate courses each with their own CD and

  • The CD is responsible for the composition of the faculty. The minimum criteria are

           The number of ICs should never exceed the number of FIs (ATTACHMENT)

  • All Advanced Courses should have a multidisciplinary faculty. Faculty members should have relevant ERC qualifications in order to teach on a course.
  • For Advanced Courses, course material must be forwarded to the participants at least 4 weeks in advance with advice concerning pre-course preparation and completion of pre-course papers. It should be emphasised that the course itself is a revision exercise. Advance Course participants normally must come from healthcare environments. Others may attend as ‘observers’ but their presence must not detract from the teaching provided to full course members.
  • Participants must only be tested on the material and information contained in the manual.
  • Participants should complete the online survey via the CMS.
  • Course details need to be completed in the CMS within a period of 2 months after the course.
  • Equipment must be available in accordance to the provided equipment list and be in sound working order.
  • ERC MCQs and exams may not be altered in any way.